WIM Tech provides the quickest and safest on-the-go method for accurately weighing your caravan and tow vehicle.

Bringing to you the latest in vehicle weighing technology, we offer an affordable service along with expert tips and advice to keep you and your family safe on your next adventure.

accurately weighing your caravan and tow vehicle

With the rising number of caravans on the road, it’s so important to understand the importance of accurately weighing your caravan and tow vehicle. It’s believed that over 70% of caravans are thought to be overweight on our roads in Australia. Did you know that an overweight caravan is classed as unroadworthy, may not be covered by your insurance policy, impacts steering and braking that can lead to serious accidents, increases the risk of ‘caravan sway’, and increases wear and tear on your vehicle?

We’re here to help. WIM stands for Weigh in Motion and as the name suggests, we weigh in motion, so there’s no need to stop on a static bridge or maneuver over a tricky static scale. Our weigh in motion technology provides real time compliance checks of your vehicle, weighing the vehicle in motion reduces the time required to confirm your compliance and get you on your way.

We provide caravan and tow vehicle weight compliance checks to ensure your vehicle is complying with weight limits and national compliance requirements, and we’ll explain weight terms such as GVM, GTM, TBM and what they mean for your vehicle.

We custom built our software to understand the weight requirements of caravans and tow vehicles. Our system provides you with a customised report outlining the weight compliance of your vehicle.

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