How It Works.

The weighing process of your caravan and tow vehicle is simple and fast, weigh in a matter of minutes and you’ll be on your weigh!

Request a booking

Request a booking here. Confirm location and time.

Arrive at the arranged site

Arrive at the arranged site with your caravan fully loaded, including full water tanks, gas bottles and anything else
you would usually take with you.

stop your vehicle

Our technician will instruct as to where to stop your vehicle before entering over the weighbridge scales.
Drive over the scales without stopping.

Disconnect the caravan

Disconnect the caravan from the tow vehicle, our technician will then check the tow ball weight on the caravan.

A detailed report

A detailed report will be provided with all the weights measured and explained by our technician.

Discuss any concerns or over weights

Discuss any concerns or over weights.

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