Our Weighing Systems.

The WIM Technologies range includes a variety of different types of weighing solutions, allowing you to select the best system for your company’s compliance and project needs.

Portable Scales

Portable, lightweight, compliance in minutes.

The WIM Tech Portable Scales are our portable weigh solution and offer quick and adaptable compliance weighing in minutes.

This fully portable system can be operated in either a dynamic (weigh in motion) or static mode and with the scales weighing just 31kgs are easily transportable, can be set up in just 15 minutes and are perfect for use on sites where access and space may be limited.

The portable solution offers dynamic accuracy of 2-3% and static accuracy which meets the International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML) requirements.

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Strip Sensor Scales

Accurate, reliable and maintenance free.

The WIM Tech Strip Sensor Scales are the ideal solution for roadways where there is limited room for access lanes and where site space restrictions prohibit the use of large-scale weighbridge equipment.

It only requires a small footprint compared to a conventional weighbridge and is perfect for compliance purposes, providing dynamic weighing at speeds of up to 100 km/h. Sets or rows of strain gauge load cell sensors are inserted into the road surface in a minimally invasive installation that requires only a 90mm deep trench, which can be applied to an existing roadway or new road base. Their insertion into the road surface itself means there are minimal installation costs, and they are maintenance free. Their simple installation method also significantly reduces downtime due to road closures.

Once installed, our Strip Sensor Scales use technology that takes full advantage of fast response times and large sampling rates to provide highly accurate weight measurements.

We also offer a relocatable version of the Strip Sensor Scales. The sensors are inserted into four precast concrete slabs along with the loop sensors. The control cabinet containing the CPU/PC along with the scoreboards is also positioned on a relocatable concrete slab.

The Strip Sensor scales solution offers International Organisation of legal Metrology (OIML) R134 Weigh in Motion certified for accuracy of 2-3%.

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Tech Low Speed Scales

Fast, accurate and robust.

The Wim Tech Low-Speed scales are suitable for either static or dynamic measurements due to their robust single piece construction.

They consist of a single deck pad with four shear beam load cells that are connected through a CPU to a PC to provide an accurate display of weight distribution though each axle and they require only a small footprint for installation.

This scale is normally incorporated into a new concrete slab; however, it can also be placed into an existing roadway with minimal civil works. Compared to most other weighbridges on the market, the Low-Speed Scales does not have side rails ensuring easy access for wider loads.

Our Low Speed Scales can be utilised in static mode with an accuracy of +/- 0.1%. and are International Organisation of legal Metrology (OIML) R134 Weigh in Motion certified for accuracy of 1-2%. They are also perfectly suited for dynamic applications where you need to keep traffic moving, as they can help eliminate delays due to queuing trucks.

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