How It Works.

Our team will complete an assessment of your site to enable you to understand the most suitable location.

Complete an assessment of your site

Scales are installed in a firm, flat area onsite and connected to the data collection systems.

Scales are installed

Vehicles drive over the scales, immediately calculating weight information via our custom software.

Vehicles drive over the scales

The vehicles weight information is then displayed in real time via LED display board directly to the drivers and site personnel.

Displayed in real time via LED display board

Vehicles exceeding weight limits can then easily be identified and load corrected before it hits the road.

Vehicles exceeding weight limits

Scheduled reports are then provided to the site detailing the load compliance data onsite.

Our Weighing Systems.

Portable Scales

Portable, lightweight, compliance in minutes.

The WIM Tech Portable Scales are our portable weigh solution and offer quick and adaptable compliance weighing in minutes.

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Strip Sensor Scales

Accurate, reliable and maintenance free.

The WIM Tech Strip Sensor Scales are the ideal solution for roadways where there is limited room for access lanes and where site space restrictions prohibit the use of large-scale weighbridge equipment.

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Low Speed Scales

Fast, accurate and robust.

The WIM Tech Low-Speed scales are suitable for either static or dynamic measurements due to their robust single piece construction.

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