The Weigh in Motion technology and systems are so adaptable and can be utilised to deal with all types of weighing issues faced by a vast range of industries and that is why these world leading systems have become the first choice weighing solution for many industries such as but not limited to:

Transport and Logistics

Our scales are used effectively in the transport and logistics sector to check vehicle weights as a means of reducing fleet maintenance costs, identifying trucks that are not properly balanced and which might wear parts unevenly.

Mining & Forestry

The durability of WIM Technologies scales makes them ideal for use in the harsh environments of the mining industry. Our Portable Scales can be quickly and easily set-up anywhere and provide accurate weight readings in all conditions.


Quarries rely heavily on accurate weight measurements and WIM Technologies systems offer international standard accuracy in every unit. The small footprint of our Low-Speed WIM system makes it ideal for use as a quarry weighbridge.


The agriculture industry relies on heavy vehicles to get their produce to market. WIM Technologies systems make sure trucks are efficiently, safely, and accurately loaded before they leave the property.

Our Weighing Systems.

Portable Scales

Portable, lightweight, compliance in minutes.

The WIM Tech Portable Scales are our portable weigh solution and offer quick and adaptable compliance weighing in minutes.

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Strip Sensor Scales

Accurate, reliable and maintenance free.

The WIM Tech Strip Sensor Scales are the ideal solution for roadways where there is limited room for access lanes and where site space restrictions prohibit the use of large-scale weighbridge equipment.

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Low Speed Scales

Fast, accurate and robust.

The WIM Tech Low-Speed scales are suitable for either static or dynamic measurements due to their robust single piece construction.

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