An accurate, reliable and maintenance free vehicle weighing system

Working on a site where there is limited room for access lanes? Are site space restrictions prohibiting the use of large-scale weighbridge equipment? You can still maintain compliance without compromising safety with our WIM Tech Strip Sensor Scales.

This vehicle weighing system requires just a small footprint compared to a conventional weighbridge and is perfect for compliance purposes, providing dynamic weighing at speeds of up to 100 km’s per hour. Sets or rows of strain gauge load cell sensors are inserted into the road surface in a minimally invasive installation, which can be applied to an existing roadway or new road base. Their insertion into the road surface itself means there are minimal installation costs, and they are almost maintenance free. Their simple installation method also significantly reduces downtime due to road closures.

We can also offer a relocatable version of this product.

Once installed, our Strip Sensor Scales use technology that takes full advantage of fast response times and large sampling rates to provide highly accurate weight measurements of 1-3%.

Now, you might ask, “What will be the cost to my business?” These vehicle weighing systems are very affordable and financially viable. We offer a range of options depending on your project needs.

The data produced is extremely beneficial for planning future projects. You will be able to more accurately determine how many trucks you’ll need on site at any given time. Not only that, but it will help you keep on top of your compliance requirements set out by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

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