Portable, lightweight, compliance in minutes

After discovering a critical gap in the transport and construction industry, and the ability for those within the supply chain to comply with vehicle mass compliance requirements under the Heavy Vehicle National Law, Chain of Responsibility, WIM Tech has developed custom software which integrates with world leading weigh scale systems to provide our clients and the transport and construction industries with a simple and cost-effective way to ensure load compliance of all vehicles before they hit the road.

WIM Tech Portable Scales are a portable weigh solution offering quick and adaptable compliance weighing in a matter of minutes. Weighing at just 31 kilograms, they can easily be rolled up and packed into the back of a ute for easy transport from site to site, and there is no lengthy set up time to get accurate measurements. They are ready to use in under 15 minutes.

WIM Tech Portable Scales help eliminate the need for manual load counting on site. They can be operated in either a dynamic (weigh in motion) or static mode, offering dynamic accuracy of 1-3% and static accuracy in line with International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML) requirements. They can also weigh different types of vehicles, not only truck and trailer.

One of the greatest advantages of our WIM Tech Portable Scales is understanding your load productivity. Our custom software allows you to understand and maximize your load productivity, meaning less trucks on the road – a big win for logistics. 

Most recently, our WIM Tech Portable Scales have been instrumental on Level Crossing Removal Projects across Victoria. It has increased efficiency on site whilst ensuring vehicle mass compliance requirements are being met.
If you would like to book a free demonstration of our WIM Tech Portable Scales, please contact us at https://www.wimtech.com.au/contact-us/

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